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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Posted by adilrazanaqvi 93

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Best Places to Visit in Greece
They say that the entire European culture is based in 3 hard-stone pillars: the Christian religion , the Roman law and the Greek democracy. If you take a look at Europe as it is today, you will realise that this statement is as close to the truth as possible. Thus, you cannot actually get to know Europe without visiting, at least once, the delightful and culturally rich Greece. From holy mountains to pristine beaches, this Mediterranean country will have plenty to offer even for the budget traveler and all you need is to open your eyes and your heart to a place that is infused in its own history and beauty.If you want to enjoy the ease of a beach club holiday to Greece, check out Neilson Holidays to Greece for more information.Rhodes If you want to combine utter relaxation on a golden beach and a strong sense of history, then this is IT. This is THE place to be in Greece. Rhodes will offer you with amazing grace and with an outstanding view: the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World. With so many historical sites and a history that dates back to the Stone Age, there is absolutely no way you can get bored here – regardless of how much time you choose to spend in this wonderful Greek spot. Mykonos For those of you looking to have plenty of fun in an extremely lively part of Greece, Mykonos will be a great choice. Nightlife cannot get better than this: spending your nights in a city placed on the beach with the most gorgeous blue sea you have ever seen. Actually, nothing related to holidays can actually get better than Mykonos, For you are about to make friends, have entertainment at your fingertips and relax on a whitewashed island that seems to be made out of pure marble. Mystra Time-travelling may not actually be possible, but ghost-towns have the power of taking you back to the times when they were built and to the times when people breathed their air. Mystery is a Byzantine Empire-old town in Greece that will allow you to breathe the same air as its long-gone people. Stunning in its preserved beauty and absolutely overwhelming and certainly worth a visit. Athens. Of course, there is no Greece without Athens and no Athens without Greece. The core of the country and what nowadays symbolises the sole pillar of the Ancient Greek world, its steadiness, its wisdom and its amazing culture – this is what Athens will feel like to you. Cosmopolitan, yet still somehow frozen in time, Athens will bewilder you with its uniqueness. There’s really nothing 100% like it. Even more, Athens seems to be guarded by one of the most popular Greek touristic hot spots: the marvelous Acropolis. If you have the chance to visit this amazing city, do it even if just for one day because every single minute of it will be worth it!

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