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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Best Destinations in Europe for Museum Lovers- Weird Yet Wonderful

Posted by adilrazanaqvi 93

Best Destinations in Europe for Museum Lovers

where to travel in Europe
Europe is a great all round destination because it has so much to offer each and every traveler. Looking for a bunch of great budget destinations? Check. Looking for a place rich in culture and history? Check. Looking for great shopping destinations? Check. Looking for an abundance of great museums and galleries? Check. Whatever you want from your holiday, I’m sure there’s somewhere in Europe that will cater perfectly to your needs. The great thing about visiting a city that’s densely packed with great museums and galleries, is that no matter the time of year or weather, you’ll be certainly entertained.

top 10 destinations in Europe

Here are my top picks for the best Holiday Gems in Europe for museum lovers:London:I think it is very clever city planning that London, which has a reputation for miserable weather, has so many great museums. One of the best things about London’s range of museums is that a large number of them are free, which means it is a very inexpensive way to pass a day. Some of the top museums in London definitely worth a look are: British Museum (free), Science Museum (free), National History Museum (free), National Maritime Museum (free) and Tate Modern (also free). Amsterdam:Chances are Amsterdam is not what you expect. If you’ve heard of the Red Light District and the cafes which sell legalized cannabis, you might imagine that Amsterdam is a seedy and bisexual city. The reality is, much like anywhere in the world, if you want to find that side of Amsterdam you can, but the truth is Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world; old buildings lean in slightly towards narrow streets that are dominated by cyclists and lined by lovely canals.In Amsterdam you’re spoiled for choice with a great range of museums

holiday destinations in Europe
. One of the most popular is the Anne Frank house, which is where she wrote her diary during World War II. If you’re an art lover you’ll have to make time to visit the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijks museum, which attracts over a million visitors a year.Bilbao, Spain:You might be raising an eyebrow at this one, because surely Barcelona, Madrid or even Valencia are more deserving of a visit as they host a range of great museums. Maybe so, but of all the museums I’ve ever been to, Guggenheim Museum, located in Bilbao, is housed in the most impressive building I’ve ever seen. It is an Architectural Innovation museum and the building itself is created in such a way to influence your movement, feelings and the mood of your visit. There’s sweeping curves, unpredictable form and a number of great exhibitions inside. Visiting this building is an experience in itself and the exhibitions inside are just the icing on the cake.These are some of the most impressive museums I’ve ever visited and it’s wonderful that they’re relatively close together in Europe, making it possible to visit two or even all three of these destinations during your travels. Where’s your favorite museum in the world? Let me know in the comments below.