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Monday, November 16, 2015

Best Beaches in the Philippines- Weird Yet Wonderful

Posted by adilrazanaqvi 93

 Best Beaches in the Philippines- Weird Yet Wonderful

Best Beaches in the Philippines
If you are looking for a place to relax and spend some time under the sun, well the Philippines is a must go destination for you. Known for its warm climate, you will surely enjoy the waters and sand here. Here are the top beaches in the Philippines:Image Credit: Great.panorama
1. BoracayThe famous “bora” of the Philippines, this place is known for its white and fine sand, beautiful scenery and friendly people. Tourists love to go here especially when they go on vacation – not just to relax but to have fun as well. There are lots of activities that you can do here: may it be scuba diving, helmet diving, snorkelling, cliff diving, kite sailing and many more! If you are into parties, well many places in Boracay hosts beach parties that every party goer will enjoy- You will see fire dancers and people just dancing the night away.Image Credit: lakwatseradeprimera
2. Puerto GaleraSince Boracay is the no.1 go-to destination of people who wants to enjoy the beach, Puerto Galera is the place to go if you wanted to have the same experience but with less people. I am not saying that nobody goes here- many people also go here for vacation but not as much as Boracay. Puerto is located in Oriental Mindoro, south of Manila. You will enjoy snorkelling and diving here since Puerto Galera is “A listed’ as one of the ”Most beautiful bays in the world” (the only one in the Philippines). You can go to Sabang Beach and White Beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery and continue you’re relaxation on the beach. Lots of night parties also happens here so you can never go wrong in Puerto Galera.Image Credit: Andy Enero
3. El Nido, PalawanEl Nido is located in Palawan, and El Nido is said to be “the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines for its extraordinary natural splendour and ecosystem”. El NIdo has a “protected area” status due to a lot of amazing things you can see ONLY in this place that the government wants to preserve – they limestone and marble cliffs, fifty white sand beaches, five types of forests,
home of the four (4) endangered marine turtle species and many more! El Nido is not just a place for relaxation and the beaches but it is also a place where you will really appreciate nature.