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Monday, November 16, 2015

Canada is a wildlife lover’s heaven- Weird Yet Wonderful

Posted by adilrazanaqvi 93

Canada is a wildlife lover’s heaven- Weird Yet Wonderful

Canada wildlife

                                      In many ways, Canada and the USA have a lot in common. They like the same sports, speak the same language (with the utmost respect to French Canada) and eat similar foods.However, these two North American countries couldn’t be more different when it comes to population density. While Canada has just 3.75 inhabitants per square kilometer, the USA’s figure is nine times that amount at 33.8. But why is this important?

Well, for those taking tours of the Canadian wilderness, it means you’re more likely to run into a bear than another human being on your trip – making Canada the ideal place for nature lovers of Canada wildlife to get their fill of incredible natural sights.Let’s take a look at some of the animals you can expect to meet on your travels: Bears Bears are arguably the most iconic animals in North America. Marveled at for their size and power, these four-legged creatures command respect from those who visit Canada.The Rocky Mountains are home to both grizzly and black bears, where their numbers total in the tens of thousands.Despite its name, the black bear can come in a range of colors. The best way to differentiate the two species is that black bears have tall pointy ears and short claws, whereas grizzlies have long curved claws, short round ears and a distinctive shoulder hump.Although everyone dreams of seeing a bear, such an experience will preferably take place at a safe distance. However, surprise encounters do happen in the woods, so make sure you read the rules on what to do if you come face to face with a bear before you enter their territory. Moose Another highly impressive four-legged creature you have a good chance of seeing in Canada is the moose.The largest member of the deer family, moose are distinguished by their long snouts and enormous antlers, which can grow as big as 1.5 metres across.Although moose might look a bit goofy, they can be dangerous, so once again, enjoy watching them from a distance using binoculars.Killer whale Canada doesn’t just have impressive land animals. Its extensive coastline – the longest in the world – is also visited by many magnificent sea creatures, including the instantly recognizable black and white killer whale, or orcs, to use its scientific name.Despite their fearsome names, killer whales do not pose a threat to humans, unlike bears and moose – not to mention you’re likely to be marveling at them from the safety of a boat. Oscar are far from the only cetaceans you can spot, with sightings of beluga, gray, mink, humpback, blue and fin whales all recorded in Canadian waters.Bald eagle As well as gazing out across land and sea, in Canada it also pays to have one eye on the heavens because of his Wildlife, especially when there are bald eagles around.Like the killer whale, the name is slightly misleading as these enormous birds of prey are not actually bald, but ‘piebald’ – sporting white heads on their otherwise brown bodies.With a wingspan of more than two meters, you shouldn’t have trouble spotting one of these magnificent beasts if it takes to the air.Other birds of prey you might see soaring through the skies include the osprey, with Canada home to one third of the world’s population of these hawks, which have brown wings, a white chest and a brown band around the eyes.