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Monday, November 16, 2015

A Slice of Egypt-Weird Yet Wonderful

Posted by adilrazanaqvi 93

A Slice of Egypt-Weird Yet Wonderful

A Slice of Egypt- Article on Egypt

It may seem like a crazy idea to go to Egypt these days, let alone stay there for weeks, there is still something about the place that beckons you to be there. Amidst political turbulence and the riots, Egypt is still Egypt. Besides not everything about the news is as severe as the press present it to be.Egypt was once a glorious, ancient kingdom, its shadows still lingering for you to see and experience. That alone is reason enough to go to Egypt, be with its people, and relive history. Once you’ve booked flights to Egypt, here are some reasons you need to visit this mesmerizing country.Culture and History.

A Slice of Egypt-Weird Yet Wonderful
 This is obviously the reason why Egypt is a tourist hub to begin with. Egypt’s history is very rich, thanks to the scholars who made it a point to bring something to the table. Details and facts may be known about Egyptian history but it is still full of mystery. While you’re there among the ruins, you can’t help but wonder what lies beyond what is supposedly discovered and proven.Making a list of the places you ought to visit shouldn’t be a problem because you probably know them already, but the key places include the Valley of the Kings, Temple of Karnataka, Pyramids of Giza, St. Catherine’s Monastery, Saqqara, Abu Simbel and the Egyptian Museum.People, If you do meet some nasty people in Egypt, it would be just wrong if you generalize Egyptians to be the same. And because of the things you see on the news, you might think that Egypt is full of terrorists, extremists and sexists. However, a lot of the Egyptians are nice and hospitable and you are most likely to be given a warm welcome while you’re there.Anyway, you can’t experience Egyptian culture if you don’t mingle with the people. You can’t just say that you’ve experience their culture just because you’ve been to the ancient sites. Do something aside from that. Get out from your hotel and walk on the streets of Cairo. Visit the market, shop at bazaars, eat street food, and talk to people at Khan el-Khalili. If you to mingle with the locals in somewhere more quiet than Cairo, you can go to Dahab. The atmosphere in Dahab is more laid-back, probably because it is near the sea. It is an interesting place for nomads and backpackers. You can also go to Siwa Oasis and mingle among the Berbers – an ethnic group. It is basically experiencing life in the countryside of Egypt.It’s cheap Almost everything comes cheap in Egypt especially if you’re a backpacker and you don’t book tours and stuff. But yes, food, clothes, accommodation, and souvenirs are cheap. You can do a lot with your money here and really stretch it out.If you’re interested in sun, sand and enjoying the beach life, Sharm El Sheikh holidays in Egypt are a great way to enjoy that side of Egypt. Here you’ll find some world-class beaches at very affordable prices, ensuring that your holiday doesn’t cost you a fortune Food. Food in Egypt is superb and you’ll find its sold almost anywhere as street food. While you’re staying there, make sure to try some of the popular dishes like Halawa, Kushari, Kabab wa Kofta, Fattah, etc.Why go there now?Well, because of the unrest in Egypt at present, tourist deals and packages are quite cheape It sounds bad that you are taking advantage of the chaos but think of it as way of helping the people who are not really taking part of the unrest but are greatly affected by it and are suffering.