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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Goodbye jetlag!

Posted by adilrazanaqvi 93

Goodbye jetlag!

Goodbye jet lag!
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 Long haul flights mean many things – you’re going somewhere far-flung and amazing, but you’re also going to be spending many hours stuck in a very confined space, hurtling through the skies, which also means you’re probably going to get a certain degree of jet-lag. Every positive has to come with a negative.Whilst you can’t cut out the possibility of jet-lag completely, you can minimize its effects by being a little travel clever. Here’s how …Stock up on sleep before hand Arriving for your flight exhausted isn’t going to put you in the best frame of mind, and is certainly going to mean you’re more jet-lagged at the end. A good way to beat this is to drive to the airport the night before and park up, and then stay overnight onsite at an airport hotel. Air parks offer great value deals for parking and hotel bundles, and you won’t struggle to find a hotel to suit your needs. I’ve done this countless times, and I’ve stayed at many of the Manchester Airport hotels, which I can certainly recommend for flights from the north-west, however you’ll find hotels at most large UK airports.Avoid alcohol and caffeine Both before and during the flight try and avoid alcoholic drinks and caffeine as much as possible, as this will put you on hyper-alert, disrupt your body clock even more, and cause dehydration. Keep drinking water and juice throughout your flight. Keep moving We all know the health effects of flying, especially the risk of DVT. If you’re at all at risk, make sure you wear compression stockings, and keep getting up for a wander around the cabin. Even circling your ankles and moving your toes and legs will help.Adjust as soon as you arrive Your body clock isn’t going to know whether it’s coming or going once you arrive in a totally different time zone, so it’s important to try and adjust as quickly as possible, to minimize the effects and help you get into the swing of things much quicker. Basically if it’s night time when you arrive, go to bed as you normally would, and if its lunchtime when you arrive, eat lunch. It will feel odd at first, but the quicker you reset your body clock, the quicker you will feel normal again. Jet-lag seems to be our universal pay off for having the freedom to visit amazing far-flung destinations. Follow this advice and you should arrive feeling slightly more human, and you should be able to kick off the effects much quicker.