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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Explore a New Country in a New Car- Weird Yet Wonderful

Posted by adilrazanaqvi 93

Explore a New Country in a New Car!

Explore a New Country in a New Car With the post-Christmas debts fading away and the sun starting to emerge from the overcast winter skies, we are starting to get into holiday mode. If you’re beginning to make plans for your next break, why not consider a road trip?If you need a vehicle with plenty of space – whether to fit in lots of people or travel gear – a MINIV an could be your best option. Whether you’re heading to Italy or Ireland, France or Fiji, opting for this vehicle is one way to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.Design. The MINIV an comes equipped with stylish design details, padded seats and the latest intuitive functional technology. The partition wall is fixed securely to the car body and made from solid aluminium on the lower section and stainless steel grating up top, helping to keep you and your cargo safe – great if you’re transporting expensive rock climbing or fishing equipment on your travels. The MINI Cooper Club-van reaches a top speed of 125 mph, while the Mini Cooper D Club van reaches 122 mph and boasts a fuel consumption of 72.4 mpg. With a luggage capacity of 860 liters, there’s plenty of room for anything you might need on a road trip.Innovation The Mini Van is most innovative in its design and looks. With a choice of three body colors including Pepper White, Ice Blue and Midnight Black and exclusive 15” Delta spoke wheels in silver, there’s plenty to show off while driving this compact vehicle. With a starting price of just £11,837 it’s also available to those on a tighter budget who may find larger vans prohibitively expensive.The idea of turning the Club man estate into a van was innovative in itself but when you add in the extra features available and the advantages offered to businesses wanting to invest in a commercial vehicle this shows itself to be a truly innovative model. Style The opaque rear side windows are great for providing the privacy people often miss when on the road. Also impressive are the rear split-doors which provide easy access to the large load area, ensuring that this van delivers on form and function as well as style. The Club-door on the right hand side creates easy access to the interior and gives you the option of loading or unloading smaller items from the side.Wherever you plan to drive your MINI Van, it will provide you with plenty of room for all your luggage – and if you’re embarking on a long business trip, there will also be more than enough room for any products you need to deliver. As the MINI Van is a commercial vehicle, buyers can also claim back the VAT.
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