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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Exploration city

Posted by adilrazanaqvi 93

Exploration city! 

Exploration city
City breaks can be just as much fun as beach breaks, and can provide a perfect in-between kind of holiday. When the weather isn’t great and it’s not quite right for lying on a beach, a few days roaming around a city, exploring everything a new destination has to offer, is the perfect way to spend your time. Shopping, culture, architecture, sport, night-life – cities have it all, and we’re lucky to be close to some fantastic cities, right on our doorstep.The added bonus is that short haul flights to nearby cities can be just as cheap as a bus or train journey to a city in the UK, so take advantage of that fact and explore somewhere new! You can cut travel costs even further by driving yourself to the airport and booking your parking spot through Park BCP. I do this regularly and always save considerably on the cost of public transport, especially when there is more than one of us travelling. Check this idea out for yourself, as it is a nationwide service, so nobody misses out. I recently grabbed a great deal on parking at Stansted, making my travel day even cheaper.Cutting costs here and there will give you more available to spend whilst you’re in your city of choice, and this is handy considering that costs are generally higher in cities the world over. This isn’t a fact that should ever stop you visiting a new and exciting city, as watching what you spend can be done without cutting down on enjoyment.So, with all this in mind, where do you fancy visiting?I’ve always wanted to go to Barcelona, and I’m planning a trip as we speak. I really enjoyed Paris, and it lived up to every sophisticated cultural idea I had of it before I visited. You could even go as far as Istanbul, which is only a four hours’ flight away from the UK, and experience the mystery and allure of the only city in the world to straddle two continents. Lisbon is a seriously cosmopolitan city to visit, as well as Madrid and Berlin, and the beautiful city of Rome.You can’t expect to see everything a city has to offer during one visit, but you can get a good overview. If your particular city destination has a hop on/off tourist bus, I’d definitely recommend a ride, as this will give you an overview of the city, so you know which bits you’d like to head back over to. Of course, researching before you go will also give you a head’s up.The city is calling!

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