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Monday, November 30, 2015

How to be Prepared for Anything When Wandering a Foreign City

Posted by adilrazanaqvi 93

How to be Prepared for Anything When Wandering a Foreign City

Prepared for Foreign City
Prepared for Foreign City
foreign city names
foreign city names

How to be Prepared for Anything When Wandering a Foreign City“Be prepared!”  It’s every scout’s motto for a reason.  Of course you know the obvious things to carry when travelling- cash, ID, your camera – but there’s a few handy tools you’ll want around when wandering foreign streets that you may not have thought of.  Earn your adventurer’s preparedness badge by collecting the following kit for your next expedition.
(1) Pen and paper- Write it all down – new foreign phrases, addresses, directions, things to Google later, little bolts of inspiration – you’re going to want to collect it all, and a teeny notebook and a reliable pen or two will be your new best friend when you’re on the road.  Plus, you’re going to make new friends along the way.  Collect names, phone numbers, e-mail address – and rip out pages to give out your own.
(2) First-aid – Band-aids, band-aids, band-aids.  Blisters happen.  Band-aids keep you walking.  You know what else happens?  Headaches, mosquitoes, motion sickness, and all sorts of other mishaps.  Being prepared means never having to slow down- so pack a small first aid kit and keep adventuring on!
(3) Hand sanitizer – This is especially important if you’re travelling in a country where eating with your hands is part of the cultural experience and access to soap might be a little touch and go.  Dab a little on, rub it in and enjoy your meals as the locals do – without fear of germs ruining the experience.
(4) Toilet paper (or tissues) – Usually in the same countries where hand sanitizer is most imperative, toilet paper is also not the norm.  Indulge your first-world self by carrying your own.  It’s not just for the bathroom either.  You’ll find it handy for blowing your nose, cleaning up spills, wiping off questionable substances you may trek through, and any number of unexpected hijinks along the way.Image Credit: sónia sapinho
(5) Snacks and water-   It’s important to point out that carrying snacks is not about avoiding local cuisine.  In fact, you should collect your nibbles on location whenever possible.  Having something to nosh on handy is more about those times the bus breaks down for four hours or you look around and every restaurant looks less like an exotic experience and more like an adventure in food poisoning.  As for water- hydration is just important.  Drink up!
(6) Scarf- A scarf makes you a little more prepared for all weather.  Whether you rap your throat on a chilly morning or wrap your head in the rain, a scarf will help you handle the elements whatever the weather. (If there’s space, an umbrella can also be handy in particularly rainy climes.)  Ladies will also find it useful for staying culturally appropriate – pull it out of your bag, cover your head or shoulders, and bam! – you’re the most conscientious of travellers.
(7) Friend-making Tools- A couple pictures of your family, friends, hometown, cats, dogs, or whatever else is important to you are a great way to forge instant connections.  Even if you don’t speak the same language, some things are understood – love, family and home are the universal truths we all have in common. Candies or a roll of small currency are nice to have around for sealing your friendships amongst the smaller set.  Just make sure you’re not randomly approaching children in a culture where that might be a little suspicious.  Whether your new companion is eight or eighty, pull out your pen and paper and write down some contact info when its time to leave – you’ll amass an international family before you even know it.

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